Our Story

Scrub Bugs™ were created by Kelly Stuart, a working Mom of two little girls, who had the desire to keep her kids healthier throughout the year.  Weary from dealing with a continuous stream of sniffles, coughs, and other viruses that would inevitably spread across her entire family, Kelly knew there had to be something more she could do to prevent her kids from getting sick. Knowing that hands are the #1 carriers of sickness causing germs, she decided to start there.  

Kelly’s “aha” moment came when watching her daughter brush her teeth.  Using a tool to brush our teeth makes all the difference.  Why don’t we use a tool to clean our hands?  Surgeons – the best hand washers in the world – use a tool to rid their hands of germs.  Why not kids? Inspired by the tools and techniques surgeons use to scrub-up before surgery, Kelly began developing a revolutionary hand washing tool for kids that would be both effective and fun.  Thousands of hand washes and hundreds of prototypes later the first Scrub Bug was born.  

Scrub Bugs.  Cleaner Hands, Healthier Kids - Lots More Fun!        

Our Mission 

Happy, Healthy, Hands-On Lives

Scrub Bugs™ strives to empower all kids to live happy, healthy, hands-on lives by improving hand washing effectiveness around the world. 

Effective hand washing is proven to save lives, reduce school absenteeism, and promote active engagement in life by helping to prevent diseases like colds, flu, diarrhea, and acute respiratory infections. Despite its effectiveness in reducing diseases, hand washing with soap is often not done properly in developed countries or done at all in many developing countries. Scrub Bugs seeks to change this by bringing to life amazing products that not only empower kids to wash their hands more effectively, but also educate families on the importance of this very critical habit.